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Twisted Iron Fitness in Winter Springs FL


“I started training with Kat a little over a year ago. I was out of shape and a little over weight. I like the look of muscle definition and wanted to see that in myself once again so I inquired about training and set up an evaluation. When I went in to meet Kat for the first time I was greeted by a very energetic and physically fit Kat. She looked how I wanted to look and she was my age so I knew she could help me achieve my goals. She gave me meal plans to help achieve my weight loss and continues to give me meal plans to help keep the weight off or build muscle mass. I love working out with Kat as I never know what we will be doing whether Sparticus Training, Weight Training, HITT Routines or a combination of all the above. We very rarely repeat any workouts so they are always new and challenging. She is very energetic and enthusiastic which also helps with motivation during workouts. She assists if she sees me struggling and pushes when I need it. To sum it up Kat is AWESOME!!! I love training with her and encourage you to do the same.”
Joyce at Twisted Iron Fitness in Winter Springs FL


“According to Kat, age is just a number. The quality of your physical, mental, and emotional status counts, not the years!
Kat’s expertise is evident in each of our planned sessions. They are completely varied, but intertwined to produce the exact results that she wants for me. I never know what new challenges will surface as I enter the gym!
Her energy and positive vibes are contagious. She keeps me sane. I have worked with Kat the past year and have lost over 30 lbs. With her continued guidance I look forward to keeping my newly acquired habits and quitting the yo-yo cycle that has plagued me in the past.
At this “stage of quality in my life,” not the 66 year of my life,” I am a BELIEVER with the perfect trainer! Remember age IS just a number!”